More self-immolations in Eastern Tibet

On January 6th, two young Tibetans, Tenyi and Tsultrim  self-immolated in Ngaba. On January 8th, Ven.  Sopa Rinpoche self-immolated in Dhalang.

Students for a Free Tibet urges us to take the following actions:

1.    Send a letter to Chinese authorities directly responsible for Tibet policy demanding they immediately address Tibetan grievances before more lives are lost.

2.    Sign and share the Enough! Pledge for Global Intervention to Save Tibetan Lives. Update your elected representatives on the recent cases of self-immolation and request they sign the pledge for multilateral action for Tibet.

3.   Join or plan a solidarity vigil. A weekly vigil is being organized each Wednesday in New York, London, Toronto, and Boston by Tibetans and their supporters in solidarity with Tibetans inside Tibet. For more details on these vigils or to organize you own, please contact

Detailed report and self-immolatiom fact sheet available on the International Campaign for Tibet website.

Total number of self-immolations within the past year: 15.


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