Lama Soepa: Self-Immolation as an Offering of Light

Lama Soepa Rinpoche recorded a statement that in many ways encapsulates all of the Buddha’s teachings and explains why he took his own life.  His voice is calm and matter of fact. The silence that follows the end of the recording is chilling. A short excerpt:

I am giving away my body as an offering of light to chase away the darkness, to free all beings from suffering, and to lead them – each of whom has been our mother in the past and yet has been led by ignorance to commit immoral acts – to the Amitabha, the Buddha of infinite light. My offering of light is for all living beings, even as insignificant as lice and nits, to dispel their pain and to guide them to the state of enlightenment. I offer this sacrifice as a token of long-life offering to our root guru His Holiness the Dalai Lama and all other spiritual teachers and lamas….(prayers)… I am taking this action neither for myself nor to fulfill a personal desire nor to earn an honor. I am sacrificing my body with the firm conviction and a pure heart just as the Buddha bravely gave his body to a hungry tigress (to stop her from eating her cubs).

Link to the full English translation of his teaching and the audio recording on the Students for a Free Tibet website. Please do what you can to stop the killing in Tibet: support Senate Resolution 356 affirming US support for Tibet.


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