FPMT Masters Program: Tantric Grounds and Path Starts May 2012

The FPMT Masters Program is now accepting applications for online and residential students for the Tantric Grounds and Paths module (May – December 2012). A Highest Yoga Tantra initiation is required.

The final module, Guhyasamaja Tantra is scheduled to be taught from January – June 2013. Students must have received the Guhyasamaja initiation. EDIT: any HYT initiation is acceptable.

The classes will be taught by the new residential teacher, Geshe Jampa Gelek.

For more information, please visit the ILTK website and the online course home page.

I’m in my third year of the Masters Program as an online student, and I have found it to be extremely beneficial. Be prepared to spend 15 hours a week reading the materials, and listening to the recordings. Of course, studying online pales in comparison to being on-site because we don’t have an opportunity to discuss the material. It is still worthwhile, and like anything, the more effort you can put into it, the more you’ll learn.


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