FPMT: Advice for Rinpoche’s Quick Recovery

Just in case you missed this in the March 2012 FPMT eNewsletter:

“Ven. Roger recently checked with Denma Locho Rinpoche whether there was anything FPMT centers, projects, services and students can do to help with Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s quick recovery. Denma Locho Rinpoche kindly advised a few pujas, which we are arranging now, and then gave the following advice:
“The students and centers really need to work according to Rinpoche’s wishes. Whatever Rinpoche has advised for them to do, it’s important to follow Rinpoche’s advice. 

The main thing is that everyone in the organization should really strive to fulfill Rinpoche’s advice.

In order to be harmonious, generally, you should not look for any faults in others, but look for the positive, the inner qualities. Thinking negatively like, ‘He is bad, she is bad,’ will not lead to harmony. Try to see the qualities in others and try to work harmoniously.

Recite the prayer The Prayer for the Flourishing of Je Tsongkhapa’s Teachings (Losang Gyaltänma) well. Please recite it well. If students can do that, that’s really great.

But the most important thing is not looking at each others’ faults, but looking at the qualities of others.

Then, whatever responsibility you have in the center [project or service], do the work from your heart, put all your energy into that, take the difficulties/hardships upon yourself and do the work wholeheartedly. If the work is done well, this will benefit the teachings of the Buddha, and also it will bring about happiness and joy to all sentient beings.”

source: FPMT International Office eNewsletter, March 2012


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