International Vesak Celebration May 13 2012 in Washington D.C.

Here’s the announcement regarding the International Vesak Celebration which will take place at the Buddhist Vihara Society. If you’ve never been to the D.C. Vesak celebration, you should try to come this year. It’s a lot fun with Buddhists from Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Tibet, and America to name a few. There are always plenty of children running around and tons of delicious food. The prayers are beautiful. Open to all, by donation. Hope to see you there!

Please share this flyer with your friends and family, or post it at your local coffee shop: IBC Vesak 2012 Flyer




(202) 723-0773


Sunday May 13, 2012

(8am to 5pm)


On May 13th 2012 The Washington Buddhist Vihara will be celebrating VESAK, to commemorate the Birth, the Enlightenment and the Passing away of the Buddha. This is undoubtedly the most sacred day of the Buddhist calendar. The Washington Buddhist Vihara and the  IBC ( The International Buddhist Committee of Greater Washington Area) have put together a very stimulating program that would enrich the lives of all participants.

Please come and experience the spiritual bliss at the Vihara and pay your greatest homage to the Buddha. Obseving 8 precepts will start at 8 am. Friends, who like to participate in the International Vesak Celebration, please be at the Vihara by 9 am.

A colorful VESAK procession going around the block will start by 9 am. Please bring your kids with bicycles or tricycles decorated with flowers and Buddhist flags and so on to participate in the procession.

  • 9:00 AM International Vesak opens with circumambulation (PERAHARA) and bathing the image of the newborn Bodhisattva
  • 9:30 AM Children’s (From various Nations) flower offering
  • 9:45 AM Welcome speech
  • 11:00 AM Lunch for Bhikkhu Sangha followed by lunch for lay people
  • 12:30 PM Group Photo
  • 12:45 PM Meditation session
  • 1:15 PM Cultural Program / Religious Program Small Groups
  • 3:45 PM Closing Ceremony of the International VESAK.

Up to 3.45 PM The program will be conducted in English.

* 4.00 PM Dhamma Desana in Sinhalese

* 4.45 PM Bodhi Pooja and Paritta Chanting

* 5.30 PM The En

Please come to the temple to participate in this noble deed.

With Metta,

Bhante Dhammasiri                                                                                                     Susan Singh                                           

President                                                                                                                       Executive Secretary


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