His Holiness the Dalai Lama: advice on Highest Yoga Tantra

During the recent Yamantaka initiation in Long Beach, California, His Holiness spoke very directly about the importance of respecting the Highest Yoga Tantric commitments and vows.  In an article on the http://dalailama.com website (note: the link is no longer available), His Holiness is quoted as saying “there were signs of degeneration” among people’s attitudes towards the Highest Yoga Tantric initiations.  Taking Guhyasamaja as an example, His Holiness stressed the importance of doing both the Six Session Guru Yoga practice as well as the daily sadhana practice. He mentioned that among the 18 volumes of writings by Tsongkhapa, five volumes were devoted to the subject of Sangwa Dhuepa (Guhyasamaja) and that clearly shows the interest that Tsongkhapa had in it.

So there you have it!


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