Gaden Jangtse Tour in Pittsburgh, PA thru 6/7/2012

Hop in the car! The Gaden Jangtse monks who touched the hearts of many in the Washington D.C. area in April during their visit with the Guhyasamaja Center, are now in Pittsburgh, PA.

This weekend May 19 and 20 they will be at the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh interacting with kids through hands-on exhibits celebrating the art and culture of Tibet.

Sunday afternoon and evening they will be at the Mesa Creative Arts Center doing a house blessing and the Chod Ritual — a powerful tantric practice that is very effective in eliminating self-grasping.

Tenzin and I are going, hope to see you there!

The monks will be in Pittsburgh through June 7. For more information, please visit the host’s website.  Download the event poster.

To invite the Gaden Jangtse monks to your area, visit their website, email:, or call
(651) 955-7972 or (626) 823-0451 for information, bookings and travel schedule.


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