Rejoice: Tibetan nuns and the Geshema degree

After years of deliberation, Tibetan Buddhist nuns are finally set to receive Geshema degrees, or the equivalent of a PhD in Buddhist Philosophy.  The Central Tibetan Administration reached this unanimous and historic decision on May 19th 2012 after a two-day meeting in Dharamsala attended by high lamas, representatives of nuns from six different nunneries, and members from the Tibetan Nuns Project. (source: email from the Tibetan Nuns Project)

This is a really exciting opportunity for women to deepen their studies and to train for leadership roles as educators for future generations of Buddhist practitioners.  There’s a shortage of well qualified teachers here in the West especially of Tibetan Buddhist nuns. I look forward to learning from my Dharma sisters.


2 thoughts on “Rejoice: Tibetan nuns and the Geshema degree

  1. Wonderful news. For the traditions of teaching the Dharma to continue, there must clearly be some evolution. Including women at a deeper level in study and teaching is intelligent and timely. Rejoice indeed!

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