Celebrate His Holiness’s Birthday with the Capital Area Tibetan Association

JULY 7 – 5:30pm / Fairfax, VA

The Capital Area Tibetan Association invites you and your family to celebrate the 77th birthday anniversary of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

When: Saturday, July 7 from 5:30pm onwards

Where: Kena Shrine | 9001 Arlington Blvd, Fairfax VA 22031

Program: The program will consist of a Long Life Prayer dedication along with other presentations. There will also be a dinner buffet with refreshments.

Admission: $10.00 (adult), $7.00 student (18 and under) — Tickets can be purchased at the door.

JULY 22 – 7pm / American University

When: Sunday, July 22 from 7:00pm

Where: Kreeger Building Auditorium | American University, 4400 Mass. Ave, NW

Contact: (510) 550-5862

Techung is a Tibetan singer currently serving as Artist in Residence at Emory University in Atlanta, GA. He received his training at the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts in Dharamsala. Techung and his band combine traditional and contemporary music to convey the message of peace, freedom and courage. They tour internationally and in 2009 performed along with with Philip Glass, Patti Smith and others at Carnegie Hall in New York City. His albums have met with critical acclaim and his music has been featured in films such as IMAX “Everest”, the “Dalai Lama Renaissance”, “A Good Day to Die” and many more.

“The goal For the Peace In Tibet Tour is to find a channel to heal the community through music, especially given the recent tragic lost of 40 Tibetans who burnt themselves for Tibetan freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to Tibet”.

A portion of proceeds from the concert will be donated to Students For a Free Tibet.

For more information please visit http://www.techung.com.


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