Low Self Esteem: Buddhist and Christian Perspectives

Tenzin Namgyel and I were at Dunkin Donuts enjoying our usual Sunday morning breakfast today. We listened to a sermon by a young Christian minister about self-esteem on the television. He taught that each of us is a child of God the creator, and since God only creates master pieces, we should learn to see ourselves as master pieces. If we get depressed and think that we’re just average, just ordinary, if things seem out of our reach, we should stop and consider that this is not the case — we’re perfect because God the Artist made us that way. It was a moving, uplifting talk.

From the Buddhist perspective, although we take it for granted, being born as a human is so incredibly rare. Our birth in this lifetime as humans is the fruition of the virtuous actions we’ve performed over countless past lifetimes — it’s solely our own achievement. We learn to celebrate and treasure every moment of this precious human rebirth. Even if we’re living under the harshest conditions, we’re still humans with the capacity to help others. But in order to cherish others, we first need to acknowledge our own self-worth.

Please share  your insights.


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