Guhyasamaja Center Property Purchased

Dear Friends and Members of Guhyasamaja Center,

After many years of aspiration and much effort by many people, Guhyasamaja Center today–for the first time in its history–purchased a property!

The property is a commercial space in an office building in Fairfax, VA. Beginning next year, we’ll be holding our ongoing classes, meditations, pujas, Dharma movie nights, and weekend retreats there.

The address is 10875 Main Street, Unit 108 in Fairfax, VA.

Over the next month, some construction work will be done on the space to make it suitable for our classes. Then, in January, we’ll be holding a couple of days for members to come together there to organize the space; put up our paintings, statues and altar; have lunch together there; and do some initial group prayers to begin blessing the space.

Due to many of your generous donations, the center was able to put over $100,000 down on the purchase. The center will also pay directly for the work that will be done on the space. And, one individual generously lent us a mortgage of $145,000 which we will now begin paying on. Over the next few years, we’ll be fundraising to work together to pay off the mortgage! We’ll also be increasing our Dharma programs now that we have a space in which to do so!

This is an exciting time of Guhyasamaja Center during which we very much hope to all work together to bring increased benefit to many. Also, too many people to mention have contributed their time, energy and donations to help achieve this next step for the center. With regards to the actual process of securing a space, though, I wanted to specifically acknowledge the hard work of Jeff Nye and Matt Gausman, without whose recent efforts this current goal would not have been achieved this year!

Thanks to all of you!


Dr. Lorne Ladner



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