Golden Light Sutra: governing in accordance with Dharma

Chapter 12 of the Golden Light Sutra titled, “Chapter on the Royal Treatise entitled The Immeasurable Commitments of Divine Kings” explains how kings should rule their countries in accordance with Dharma. Should the king allow evil acts to go unpunished, non-virtue will proliferate and destroy the land. The gods will become angry and withdraw their support.

Shooting stars will rain down;
Likewise, mock suns will shower.
Fear of foreign armies
And famine will greatly occur.

His valued minister, beloved elephant
And cherished camels will die too.
People will pillage on another,
Seizing homes, resources, and wealth.
Region by region throughout the land,
They will slay one another with arms.

This chapter seems eerily familiar and accurately describes our world today. Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche encourages us to read the Sutra of Golden Light to help put an end to war and famine and other calamities. Chapter 12 seems like a particularly good choice.


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