Wasting food is wasting merit

Geshe Losang Dhargye of Do Ngak Kunphen Ling in Redding, Conn., said that wasting food on your plate at the end of a meal is like throwing away your hard earned merit. The only reason we are fortunate to have food to eat is because of merit that we accumulated in this and former lives. So if your eyes are bigger than your stomach and you pile too much food on your plate and toss it, you’re essentially wasting your merit (and money).

Americans waste 33 million tons of food a year, according to a 2012 report on food waste that aired on National Public Radio. That’s a lot of trashed merit!

And while childhood obesity is also a serious problem in America, in stark contrast, on the other side of the globe in Somalia, 260,000 people perished in the 2011 famine — a famine that may have been caused by climate change as well as social factors (see the April 29, 2013 Huffington Post article).  It is heartbreaking that a high percentage of these deaths were children under five.


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