Resources for Introducing Buddhism to Children

(last updated: January 2017)

There are so many creative and inspiring books and other educational materials for teaching Buddhism to children. It’s impossible to list all of them. Here’s just a starting point:

Buddhist Studies for Primary and Secondary Students – this is an extensive collection of online materials for children including jataka stories, art projects, songs, meditations, and the history of Buddhism. It also has great advice about parenting.

FPMT’s online store has a wide selection of terrific stories, Tibetan folk tales, and other educational materials for children, parents, as well as teachers. It includes some of the resources that are available from the Maitreya Universal Education project.

Ready Set Happy is a collection of songs, poems, plays, games, and science experiments for children, families and teachers, based on the 16 Guidelines for life. It has been designed for 7- to 11-year-olds but is also being used with younger and older children.

Eline Snel. Sitting Still Like a Frog: mindfulness exercises for kids Shambhala Publications. 2013.

Parallax Press has a wide variety of books for children and parents including many by Venerable Thich Nhat Hanh. A Pebble for Your Pocket is one of my all time favorites.

Prince Siddhartha – the Story of Buddha by Jonathan Landaw is a classic. With beautiful illustrations, this is a perfect introduction to the story of Buddha’s life.

Wisdom Publications – Buddhist books for children – a collection of books mostly aimed at younger children. See also Shambhala Publications.

Dalai Lama: The Soldier of Peace (2013) – a comic book for children chronicling the life story of His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. The comic book, retold by noted Indian author and journalist, Mr Vijay Kranti.

Buddha in Your Backpack by Frank Metcalf is more than an intro to Buddhism for teens. It helps young adults see how Buddhism can help make sense of the world around them.

Please feel free to suggest your favorite resources.


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