World Animal Day: October 4

World Animal Day (4 October) is almost here.  What will you do to celebrate your love for animals worldwide? Examples include:

– Visit an animal shelter and say prayers and mantras to the animals

– Rescue an animal from death row at the pound or market

– Make a pledge to go vege – for the day, for the month or better still, for life

Inspired by Lama Zopa Rinpoche, the FPMT Enlightenment for the Dear Animals project encourages people to treat animals with kindness. It is aimed at helping people, particularly Buddhists, to benefit animals.

For more information about World Animal Day and examples of how individuals and centers have celebrated it in the past, please visit:


One thought on “World Animal Day: October 4

  1. A lot of people have compassion for dogs and cats, but very few seem to care about farm animals, who are bred only for our consumption. I wish we could open people’s hearts about the plight of animals other than dogs and cats.

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