Relics tour moves on to Haymarket, VA

Buddhafest & Allies for Compassion co-sponsored the Loving Kindness Relics Tour in Washington D.C. this past weekend. A slow but steady stream of visitors filled the lovely old chapel where the relics were housed. Visitors sat and meditated in the presence of the relics. Several came all three days. Many broke down and wept openly. People from all spiritual traditions, race, age, and nationalities came including children and a few dear, four-footed, tail-waggers. Lama Rabten, a Tibetan monk, came from New York City to bless visitors with a relic of Shakyamuni Buddha.

The relics collection on tour includes over forty relics ranging from Shakyamuni Buddha to legendary masters such as Milarepa and Nagarjuna as well as contemporary lamas such as Lama Yeshe, Kirti Tsenshab Rinpoche, and Geshe Jampa Gyatso.

In addition, Buddhafest organized a diverse program of speakers from local Buddhist groups, musicians and movies.

GOOD NEWS: If you missed the Relics Tour in D.C., you have plenty of time to visit it in Haymarket, VA.

11 to 20 October 2013

Friday 11th Oct: 6pm to 8pm Opening Ceremony

Saturday 12th to 19th Oct: 10am to 7pm

Sunday 20th Oct: 10am to 5pm

Auspicious Cloud Monastery – Tu Viện Tường Vân
2101 James Madisons Highway
Haymarket, Virginia 20169

The temple is universally accessible.
Link to event description (Vietnamese only)
Contact: Venerable Thanh Lieu
Telephone: (+1) 571 261 2408

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