Novice ordination vows

The existence of the sangha is important for the Buddhist community in general, because the sangha is principally responsible for preserving the Dharma so it will be sustained and endure forever.

~ * Venerable Bhikshuni Wu Yin. Choosing Simplicity

Any sincerely interested person – whether he or she is a monastic or not – may study the monastic precepts.

~ ibid

The ten precepts of a novice monk or nun (getsul or getsulma in Tibetan) are to avoid:

  1. killing
  2. stealing
  3. sexual contact
  4. lying
  5. taking intoxicants
  6. singing, dancing and playing music
  7. using cosmetics, ornaments, or perfumes
  8. sitting on high or expensive beds
  9. handling precious substances or money, and
  10. eating at improper times

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