Support Dharma Publications: Dechen Ling Press

Ven. David Gonsalez, a wonderful translator and author of Buddhist book is dying of liver cancer.

In recent years, he’s published excellent translations from the Gelugpa tantric tradition on practices including Vajrayogini, Yamantaka, Chakrasamvara, White Tara, and Chittamani Tara. He very recently published a commentary by Trijang Rinpoche on Heruka Body Mandala practice that will likely be of interest to practitioners of Vajrayogini or Chakrasamvara.

With a sincere motivation to help practitioners, David has translated unpublished commentaries on Lama Chopa, Vajrayogini, the Six Yogas of Naropa, and Lama Tsongkhapa’s Middle Length Lamrim.

In a recent note he expressed a sincere wish to publish these books before he dies so that they can be of benefit to practitioners! Here’s a link to his letter:

So, I personally wanted to share my perspective, which is that David is making a wonderful and highly meaningful contribution to English-speaking practitioners. Voula Zarpani (another excellent translator) recently expressed a similar sentiment, saying, “Tsering/David’s books are really very good value. He has done an outstanding job making all these works available to all of us – while battling cancer as well. He is a great source of inspiration and a very fine translator.”

David’s Dechen Ling Press needs to quickly raise $50,000 in order to publish those other four books while David still has time. So, I’m writing to friends and fellow practitioners to express the idea that we all help out how we can.

Some things we can do to help share the Dharma and fulfill David’s wish to see his books published for others while he lives are:

  • Make a donation to Dechen Ling Press
  • Order copies now of the excellent books he’s already published (see this link:
  • Order copies of his current books to give away to friends
  • Share this information with other practitioners who may find the books meaningful

It’s extremely rare for anyone to offer quality translations of texts on the tantric traditions as David has. I hope that our shared efforts can allow David to have success in sharing more of his translations with all of us while there’s still time.

Contributed by Dr. Lorne Ladner, Director, Guhyasamaja Center


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