Mandala Magazine Blog: interview with Jeffrey Hopkins

For all you Jeffrey Hopkins fans, the December 4th 2013 edition of the FPMT Mandala Magazine’s blog has a link to a 1995 conversation between Ven. Robina Courtin and Professor Jeffrey Hopkins. He shares his near death experience due to Lyme disease and how his meditation practice helped save him.

Personally, I’ve learned so much from his books (e.g., Maps of the Profound, Meditations on Emptiness and others), I should be saying Long Life mantras for him on a daily basis!

Here’s the link:

The emptiness of the mind, its lack of existence by way of its own being or in dependence on causes and conditions, is that most marvelous quality of the mind allowing it to be transformed into the wisdom of a Buddha. This emptiness is not a fully developed Buddha but is like a ’cause’ of Buddhahood in that if the mind did not lack inherent existence, it would be utterly static, unable to be affected by practice of the paths.

Jeffrey Hopkins, Meditation on Emptiness


2 thoughts on “Mandala Magazine Blog: interview with Jeffrey Hopkins

  1. The link in this post is broken. It should be: “”. (Take out the “www”.) Happy Holidays! Paul

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