Socially Responsible Purchasing Power

It’s human nature to want to buy stuff…more and more stuff. That being said, why not try to buy from socially responsible companies? Many companies donate a percentage of their sales to charity (for example, Paul Newman’s company has donated over $400 million to charities since 1982 from the sale of grocery items.

A new company, Fed By Threads, specializes in Made-In-America organic ethical vegan clothing that feeds 12 emergency meals to hungry Americans via foodbanks per item sold. The company’s founders, Jade Beall and Alok Appurdurai, created the company when they learned about the tremendous suffering that sheep, silkworms, cows, goats and other animals experience in the production of clothing. They also are firm believers in paying fare wages to garment workers and in keeping these jobs in America.

Also, the number of socially responsible / sustainable investment mutual funds has grown over the years. Some lend money to women in developing countries, others specialize in environmental markets. The main point is that the funds screen companies based on ethics. For example, Pax World Investments analyzes companies’ business practices in three areas: environmental sustainability, social criteria, and corporate governance policies. is a good site to learn more.


3 thoughts on “Socially Responsible Purchasing Power

  1. Reblogged this on The First Gates and commented:
    Here’s some nice info to pass on. I’m already a fan of Paul Newman salad dressings and popcorn, and it’s great to hear of garments made in America once again. I like the idea of socially responsible funds too, though once when I looked at them (sometime ago) I discovered they trailed index funds in their returns. Many things have changed since then, but you’ll want to investigate or check with a financial advisor. At any rate, it’s great to hear of opportunities to shop with conscience.

  2. This is wonderful. When I’m not blogging (and pretending to be somebody else) I work for a privately owned American manufacturing company. We invent, manufacture and market everything under one roof. We also have our own foundation run by employees to give back to the community and help over 20 small non profit organizations in our area including food banks. Fed By Threads looks awesome! I’ll be back to their store next time I feel the need for new threads. I like their view on “real” models too. Very cool.

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