Religious Diversity Leadership Workshop at the Hartford Seminary

I recently had the privilege of hosting a group of Hartford Seminary graduate students and their professor, Dr. Lucinda Mosher, at the Guhyasamaja Center for an introduction to Buddhism talk.

Dr. Mosher will be leading a Religious Diversity Leadership Workshop at the Harford Seminary, June 8 – June 14, 2014 in Hartford, CT.

The workshop is a one-week gathering of interfaith advocates, clergy, youth leaders, program administrators, educators and others from diverse religious backgrounds who wish to learn new strategies for leadership in multifaith contexts.

The program includes contemplative practice, classroom instruction, small-group discussions, case studies, visits to religious sites, and opportunities to plan interfaith projects. Delicious meals provide time for collegial sharing. The Christian and Buddhist co-leaders, together with a diverse group of participants and guest speakers, will offer a variety of Abrahamic and Dharmic perspectives.

The direct link to the complete course description is available here along with the syllabus and registration information. This would be an excellent way to get involved in in-depth interfaith discussions. Dr. Mosher is particularly interested in having Buddhists participate. The workshop is co-led by a Soto Zen priest, Rev. Dr. Wakoh Shannon Hickey.

For further information, please contact: Lucinda Mosher, workshop coordinator 646-335-2951 • 


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