How to bless your food

In a recent teaching in Virginia, Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Losang Jampa explained how we can bless our food before meals. The food offering can be done following either tantric or sutrayana practices.

Begininning with generating the bodhicitta motivation, we think that by consuming this food, may I nourish all the organisms living in my body. In the future, may I feed them the food of the Dharma teachings and thereby may I lead them to Enlightenment. Rather than eating to satisfy our own craving for sensual pleasure (think chocolate!) , instead, we eat simply to sustain ourselves so we can continue to practice Dharma.

With this in mind, we recite Om Ah Hum three times to bless the food.

Then recite the following verse:

To the supreme teacher, the precious Buddha,

To the supreme refuge, the precious Dharma,

To the supreme guides, the precious Sangha,

To the Triple Gem, the objects of refuge, I make offerings.

(I add this to the end, “May all sentient beings have good food to eat today and in the future”).

Ton pa la me sang gya rin po che

Kyab pa la me dam cho rin po che

Dren pa la me ge dun rin po che

Kyab na kon chog sum la cho pa bul. (source: FPMT Retreat Prayer Book)

༄༄ སྟོན་པ་བླ་མའི་སངས་རྒྱས་རིན་པོ་ཆེ།




For all of you who can read Tibetan, here’s an additional verse suggested by Geshe Losang Dhargye (Do Ngak Kunphen Ling Center, Redding, CT)






Then think, “May I offer this food to all the Buddhas, Dakas and dakinis, the Dharma protectors, and to my holy teachers” while doing so, visualize the merit field like in the Lama Chopa prayer.

Finish by praying, “By making this offering with my sincere prayers, may I always be free from sickness, poverty, illness, war, famine, and natural disasters. Please may the Buddhas reveal the Dharma to me, and may all be auspicious for all sentient beings.”

Rinpoche noted that we can bless each and every ordinary object that we use such as our clothes, bath water, etc. He concluded saying that this is a practical way to make offerings throughout the day and an excellent way to accumulate merit. By doing so, we give rise to the mind of bodhicitta – the mind of Enlightenment.







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