Spirits On the Loose at the Kalachakra

Last night around 11:30 U.S. EST, I was watching the lifestream of His Holiness’s birthday celebration in Ladakh. Speaker after speaker gave a short speech honoring His Holiness. Then, suddenly, a woman in a white chuba (Tibetan gown) ran up from the crowd towards His Holiness. The Ladakhi security guards ran after her and tried to restrain her. She screamed and screamed and shook herself free and then prostrated frantically at His Holiness’s feet. After a few minutes of prostrating, she shouted something in the high-pitched, other-worldly voice of a spirit and then immediately collapsed into the arms of a policeman who carried her off.

Next, Richard Gere took the stage as though nothing unusual had happened. He rejoiced in His Holiness’s achievements in spreading world peace and pointed out how incredibly fortunate we all are to have His Holiness in our lives.

After Richard left the stage, a Tibetan man fought his way through the security guards shouting something. His Holiness calmly said, “Come up, come up” and gestured for the man to be allowed to approach. At this point, many of the Namgyel monks and dignitaries on the stage were standing, but no one looked particularly frightened. No additional guards appeared. The man ran up to His Holiness surrounded by guards and knelt at his feet yelling wildly. Then he suddenly went stiff and was carried off.

I wonder what the spirits were communicating with His Holiness – were they wishing him Happy Birthday? Were they warning him of danger?

So please say many protector prayers for His Holiness and his long life prayer. The world needs His Holiness now more than ever.

May the Dharma flourish and each and every one of us be filled with peace.

Stunning photos from Ladakh and links to the webcasts


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