How to practice the paramitas when attending teachings

At the conclusion of a ten day teaching on Nagarjuna’s Sixty Stanzas, Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche Losang Jampa explained how we can practice the six perfections by coming to Dharma teachings.

Generosity: by making offerings to the Buddhas and spiritual teachers;

Morality: by making an effort to come to the teachings and practicing  morality during the teachings

Patience: listening to the teachings and enduring any physical hardships;

Effort: making an effort to understand the meaning;

Concentration: focusing on the meaning of the teachings, paying attention and not allowing the mind to be distracted;

Wisdom: by carefully and repeatedly analyzing and understanding the teachings.

May all beings attain Buddhahood by cultivating the two accumulations of merit (rupakaya) and wisdom (dharmakaya) through practicing the six paramitas.


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