Protect the Planet: recycle plastic bags

In the spirit of protecting the planet and all of our fellow earthlings, I thought I’d share this link to the PlasticFilmRecycling website. In addition to plastic grocery bags, a wide variety of plastic packaging can be recycled but some has to be taken  to a designated drop-off location (e.g., many grocery stores).  Examples of plastic wrap that can be recycled include: bread and food storage bags, product wraps (e.g., water bottle packaging). newspaper and dry cleaning bags, and more. The website includes a drop-off locator, just enter a zip code.

For more information about identifying which plastic materials can be recycled, visit How2Recycle.

(source: USEPA)

  • 32 million tons of plastic waste were generated in 2012, representing 12.7 percent of total MSW.
  • In 2012, the United States generated almost 14 million tons of plastics as containers and packaging, about 11 million tons as durable goods such as appliances, and almost 7 million tons as nondurable goods, such as plates and cups.
  • Only 9 percent of the total plastic waste generated in 2012 was recovered for recycling.
  • In 2012, the category of plastics which includes bags, sacks, and wraps was recycled at about 12 percent.

Please share this with your friends and neighbors.


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