Kadampa precepts: meditation

Meditation is founded on dwelling in isolation.

Kadam Thorbu, a collection of precepts by Tsunba Jegom

~ Geshe Wangyal. “The Door Of Liberation: essential teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition”


One thought on “Kadampa precepts: meditation

  1. 1. We Westerners (or at least, I) use the term “isolation” quite a bit differently than the use of the term in this statement. “Isolation” to me means no contact, no connections. “Isolation” for a Buddhist retreat still requires someone to support the retreater’s food, advice, and perhaps shelter requirements.
    2. This advice is meant for the monastics, I think. Lay people can rarely leave their responsibilities to enjoy an isolated meditation retreat. Also, few lay people can afford to enter an extended isolated retreat. The support system is simply not there.

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