Golden Light Sutra Readings for Lha Bab Duchen November 13 2014

This year Lha Bab Duchen, the time of the Buddha’s Descent from the Tushita heaven, is 13 November. Merit-making activities accomplished during this period are multiplied one hundred million times. One recommended action is recitation of the King of Glorious Sutras, Sublime Golden Light.

As Lama Zopa Rinpoche has noted many times, our world has a special connection with this sutra. Reciting the sublime Sutra of Golden Light at this auspicious time with bodhicitta motivation and dedication of the merits to pacify natural disasters, human conflicts, and world peace is an incredibly auspicious method to generate merit and be of benefit.

Please join continuous world-wide recitation of the Golden Light Sutra any time from now through 13 November. Join from wherever you are, monastery, Dharma center, home or online. Recite alone or in a group. Organize a group.  Reciting even one chapter, one four-line verse, one word, is beneficial.

To begin: wash your hands, face and feet. Take refuge in your dear teacher and the Three Jewels. Make prayers to end violence, natural disasters, and illness, and to establish peace and happiness for all. Think: I myself can cause this and for this reason, I will recite the glorious Sutra of Golden Light.

Recite the mantra Om Dhare Dhare Bendhare Svaha seven times to increase the merit millions of times.You may recite all at once, or a little at a time. Be comfortable and enjoy. When you have completed your recitations, dedicate the merits to the peace and happiness of all beings.

 Then it is requested that please report your complete sutra recitations to Ani Tendron using this online form:

You are welcome to share your experiences here:

The Golden Light Sutra is available for download in a variety of languages here

May the Dharma and good fortune flourish for all!

(source: email received from Ani Tendron (beth simon))


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