Coverage of His Holiness’s Meeting with the Muslim Community on Feb 5 2015

After attending the National Prayer Breakfast on Capitol Hill in the morning, His Holiness met with representatives from the American Muslim Community. The panel discussion was organized by the Development Organization for Societies in Transition. The theme was ‘Service in Action’. Panellists included Sheikh Al-Sahlani, general representative of His Eminence Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani and head of the Al-Khoei Foundation in New York.

This less publicized event was notable for the respectful,  open-heartedness of the discussion. Everyone on the panel was committed to finding creative, long-term faith-agnostic approaches to serving the community and the world.  I know very little about the Muslim faith, but I am interested in breaking through the stereotypes and learning more. Attending the panel discussion was a good first step.

To learn more about the conversation, please visit the Office of His Holiness’s website and Time Magazine’s coverage.


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