Sera Je Khen Rinpoche Jetsun Delek: Death and the Intermediate State June 4 2015

Join us for a special visit by the current abbot of Sera Jey Monastic University Khen Rinpoche Jetsun Lobsang Delek. While Rinpoche has taught at many FPMT Centers such as Kadampa Center and Kurukulla, this is our first opportunity to invite him to The Guhyasamaja Center. Rinpoche will be accompanied by three other monks from Sera Je Monastery (India) and the Sera Jey Buddhist Cultural Center (New York).

Rinpoche will give a talk on a subject that is appropriate for newcomers to Buddhism as well as students who have some background in Buddhism — death and the intermediate state. This is a complex and interesting topic that is not commonly taught about in the West. Understanding what we will experience after we leave this life helps us overcome our innate fear of dying.

WHEN: Thursday, June 4th, 2015, 7:30 to 9:30 PM; please check Calendar to confirm

WHERE: The Guhyasamaja Center, 10875 Main Street, Unit 108, Fairfax, VA


We humbly offer you the opportunity to practice generosity by helping to make the Buddha’s teachings available in our community. If you’re able, please make a donation for classes and other events — it’s even tax deductible!

Suggested donations for both members and non-members are listed below, but please — only give what you’re comfortable with!

Members: $10

Non-Members: $15


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