Khen RInpoche Ngawang Jorden Chittamani Tara Puja October 12 2015

The Guhyasamaja Center is honored to announce that on October 12th from 7:30-8:30 P.M. we will be hosting a Chittamani Tara Puja with the current Abbot of Sera Mey Monastery Khen Rinpoche Ngawang Jordan, and several monks from Sera Mey.

Tara (the Liberator) is a Buddha in female form who represents in particular all enlightened beings’ skillful activities. Contemplating Tara brings quick results in whatever we want and need — the ultimate happiness of enlightenment, (known as the Mother of all Buddhas, she awakens and helps fulfill our potential to attain enlightenment); and also helps bring temporal benefits of this life.  

All are welcome to attend. All donations will support Sera Mey Monastic University’s Debate Courtyard project.


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