Special Extensive Medicine Buddha Prayer Event June 25

WHEN: June 25th, 2016, 1:00 – 5:30 PM; please check Calendar to confirm

 WHERE: The Guhyasamaja Center, Professional Center of Fairfax Building, 10875 Main Street, Unit 108, Fairfax, VA

 TEACHER: Dr. Lorne Ladner, Ph.D.

This is a special opportunity to benefit deceased loved ones. We will gather together to perform this very beautiful, meaningful and extensive ritual connected to the Medicine Buddha specifically for the benefit of those we’ve lost.

The ritual will be led by center director, Lorne Ladner, Ph.D., along with senior Sangha members from our community. The Jangwa Puja was only recently published in English, so this will also provide a rare opportunity for you to participate in the ritual practices! Those who pre-register will be able to receive a copy of the ritual text and to follow along with the prayers, visualizations, and mantra recitations.

The Jangwa Puja involves a variety of practices for benefiting those who’ve passed away through purification, the making of offerings, recitation of prayers and mantras, and various visualizations to help them to gain good future rebirths and to follow the path to Enlightenment.

For more information about how you can support the puja and participate, please visit the Center website.


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