2016 Fundraising Appeal

Dear Members, Participants and Friends of Guhyasamaja Center,
Our center is in need of your help.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been providing a much wider range of classes and other programs than ever before at the center.  Our local teacher and facilitators are doing more and we’re also hosting a wider range of visiting teachers than in the past.  At the same time, the center’s donations have not been sufficient to sustain the center’s existence.

The center only exists through donations.  None of our local teachers take any payment at all from the center and all of our staff our volunteers.

In 2015, the center’s expenditures exceeded donations by $9,000.  That meant that we had to spend $9,000 in savings to cover expenses.  The center’s main expenses are for things like mortgage payments, property taxes, condo fees, electricity as well as for donations to visiting teachers.  In looking at income and expenses for the first quarter of 2016, the same deficit persists so far this year.

At this time, the center has a total of $19,716 in savings.  So, if we don’t increase income, then in just over two years the center will no longer be able to remain in existence.

Three Ways You Can Help:

1.  Contribute to our “Saka Dawa Building Fund Donation Drive.”  This month celebrates Saka Dawa—culminating on May 21 with the anniversary of Buddha Shakyamuni’s birth, enlightenment and final nirvana.  Good karma created at that time is said to increase in power by 100 million times.  So, this is an excellent time to donate to our Building Fund to help with making our regular, monthly mortgage payments!  An anonymous donor has offered to match the first $1,000 in donations towards our building fund made before or on May 21.

2.  Become a center member or increase your monthly membership donation.  Our website lists various levels of membership.  By becoming a center member who contributes a regular amount each month (or annually if you prefer), your donations help us to keep the Guhyasamaja Center in existence.

3.  Donate to help pay off the mortgage.  If the mortgage were fully paid off, then our current level of income would be sufficient to sustain the center into the future.  So, paying off the mortgage early would be one way of resolving the financial issue faced by the center.  The center currently owes $101,355.22 on the mortgage.  (The space is worth roughly $250,000.)  Any donations ear marked towards mortgage payoff will be used for that purpose and will help to bring the center towards greater financial stability for the long-term (thereby helping to insure that we can provide Dharma in the area on into the future.)

Your helping in any of these ways really will play an important role in keeping Guhyasamaja Center in existence, allowing it to continue offering the Dharma in the D.C. area!

In order to help in any of those three ways you can bring a check to any center event and place it in the donation basket, you can mail a check to our P.O. Box (given at the top of this letter), or you can donate online via our website using Paypal.

Whether you attend center events occasionally, participate regularly in classes, volunteer at the center, or find our on-line resources useful we’d like to thank you for your involvement with the center and for your help!


Lorne Ladner, Ph.D.
Center Director, Guhyasamaja Center



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