Love that comes from the force of attraction

During a recent teaching by Geshe Gelek (FPMT Kadampa Center) on how to develop bodhicitta, Geshe la explained the Tibetan term ཡིད་འོང་བྱམས་པ  (pronounced yi ong jampa). The first two words taken together mean something attractive, handsome, pleasing to the mind.The second word, jampa, means loving kindness, the wish that all beings may be happy. Geshe la said that yi ong jampa implies giving sentient beings what they desire. I’ve heard other teachers say that it implies protection from harm.

The great Tibetan master Pabongka Rinpoche taught that yi ong jampa (translated as ‘the love that comes from the force of attraction’):

“appears in the form of a heart-felt cherishing, an affection for sentient beings. ‘Love through the force of attraction,’ said Geshe Potowa to an old woman, ‘is just like the love you have for your son Toelekor. In other words ‘love through the force of attraction’ is being attracted to all sentient beings as if they were your own children.”

Liberation in the Palm Of Your Hand. Wisdom Publications, 1991. (p. 579)


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