What’s your favorite Intro to Buddhism book?

Please share the titles of your favorite books for newcomers to Buddhism. I’m particularly interested in the Tibetan tradition, but I welcome suggestions from all traditions.

Provide the title, author and maybe why you like the book.



5 thoughts on “What’s your favorite Intro to Buddhism book?

  1. “No Self, No Problem,” by Anam Thubten Rinpoche. I had been sitting with a local Buddhist meditation group that was very ecumenical, i.e. it brought in teachers from many traditions: Zen, Vipassana, etc. I bought this book after a daylong retreat with Anam Thubten, and this turned me firmly to the Tibetan tradition.

    More recently, I would very highly recommend, “Awakening the Luminous Mind,” by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche. This is a wonderful introduction with a great hands-on practice, by a Dzogchen master in the Tibetan Bon Buddhist tradition. It’s accompanied by links to his website, with scores of video teachings going back to 2010, and monthly free 90 minute teachings. The *best* use of the internet to teach the dharma I have seen, bar none!

  2. The Heart of Compassion by His Holiness, The Sacred Art of LovingKindness- preparing to practice, Jesus and Buddha as Brothers. These books allowed me to see Buddhism in a different light, in some sense because I can move towards it while still being able to relate where I was coming from, having been born and baptized a Roman Catholic. I hope that makes sense :).

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