Kalu Rinpoche On Impermanence

Moreover, this universe which seems solid and firm isimpermanent; it will be destroyed in stages by fire, water,and wind~ The four seasons also reveal impermanence. The power in the coming of spring causes the soil to bec·ome soft and reddish-brown in colour; trees and plants bring forth shoots and buds. But spring doesn’t last, for with the coming of summer the soil becomes moist and blue-green in colour; grass, trees, and plants develop leaves and petals. With the coming of autumn the soil becomes firm and reddish-yellow in colour; grass, trees and plants ripen with grain and fruit. And with the coming of winter the soil becomes hard and grey; .grass, trees, and plants become dry and brittle. The seasons~ change, come and go. The rising and setting of the sun and moon also reveal impermanence. Days are bright and clear, and nights are black and dark. Time, too, ever passes. The passing moments grow into minutes and hours. This impermanent world is like a waterfall; a repetition of similar events gives the impression of continuity.

Kalu Rinpoche Writings of Kalu Rinpoche 1976.

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