Saka dawa practice: give up meat

This year, Saka dawa falls between May 26 and June 24. During this time, Buddhists honor the Buddha’s life. One of the best spiritual practices to adopt during this time is to refrain from killing. We can easily do this by refraining from eating meat as much as possible. The benefits to animals are obvious – we are sparing them from an early death. For us, refraining from eating meat helps ensure that we will have a long and healthy life.

If possible, it’s also good to refrain from consuming animal products such as eggs, milk, honey, etc. because the animals involved also undergo tremendous suffering.

What about taking a 30 day vegan diet pledge to follow a vegan diet? The Vegan Society offers helpful information.

Better, yet, pledge to be Vegan for Life on the PETA website. It’s not as hard as it might sound.

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