Intro to Discovering Buddhism Presenting the Path

Welcome to Discovering Buddhism, Module 3, Presenting the Path. My name is Ani Losang Tendrol, and I’ll be leading this class. I will post a summary after every session and a few meditation topics and homework questions. In addition, if there were questions that I couldn’t answer during class, I will post the answers here. Please post a comment if you have something to share! Each session will appear as a new blog entry, and I’ll provide links to the entries on this page.

In this course, you’ll gain a clear idea of the path to enlightenment, especially its three main components: renunciation, bodhichitta, and the right view of emptiness. You will understand the progressive, step-like structure of the Lamrim, its origin in the teachings of Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, the three scopes, where you fit at your present stage of spiritual development, what you need to do next, and how you get from there to enlightenment.

Dates: February 11, February 18, March 4, 2018  (10:00 am to 12:00 pm). There will not be a separate retreat day. Instead, please attend Geshe Sherab’s teaching from March 9 to March 11 on Lama Tsongkhapa’s Lines Of Experience. This beautiful piece is a commentary on the path to enlightenment.

Links to Class Summaries

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Discovering Buddhism

Discovering Buddhism is a fourteen-module course designed to be completed over two years. Students can choose to participate on a casual basis or to pursue a certificate of completion for each module by participating in retreats, meditations, reading translations and texts, and in class lectures and discussions. Those who complete all the components receive a completion card for that course. When all fourteen modules have been completed, students receive a certificate of completion. This program is not designed as a purely academic study of Buddhism but is intended to change a person’s life.

Opportunities to study Discovering Buddhism in person are rare. The last time Discovering Buddhism was offered at Guhyasamaja Center was from 2011-2014. Click here to read about where Discovering Buddhism falls in the larger FPMT educational curriculum. Each module wraps up with a half-day meditation retreat and a quiz. There are no pre-requisites for any of the modules, everyone is encouraged to join. If you are interested in obtaining the certificate of completion, please speak to Ven. Tendrol.

Students are welcome to attend any module, earlier modules in the series are not a pre-requisite.

Suggested Resources

FPMT offers Discovering Buddhism as an online education program. If you come to Guhyasamaja Center to study DB but miss a few classes in a module, you can catch up by taking the class online. Another option is to search for recordings of classes taught at FPMT Centers on YouTube. Also, read the blog entries for the previous classes.

Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive

Study Buddhism


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