Justice for Juniors

On December 9, Chaplain J. Siafa Johnson came and introduced us to Justice for Juniors. Chaplain Johnson founded the interfaith program because 50% of teen inmates return to prison in large part due to inadequate community support once they return home. Chaplain Johnson was accompanied by Ms. Mary Marston, a recent American University graduate. The two […]

Saka dawa practice: give up meat

This year, Saka dawa falls between May 26 and June 24. During this time, Buddhists honor the Buddha’s life. One of the best spiritual practices to adopt during this time is to refrain from killing. We can easily do this by refraining from eating meat as much as possible. The benefits to animals are obvious […]

NYTimes: A Positive Outlook Life

Here’s a series of two articles from the New York Times about the physical and emotional benefits associated with cultivating a positive outlook on life. The author, Jane Brody, includes advice on how to transform negative thoughts through compassion meditation and other activities. A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health – Actively cultivating positive emotions […]

Want to live a long life?

By rescuing beings who are about to be slaughtered, By benefiting others by giving life in such ways, By turning away from harming any living creature, You will attain a long life. By caring for the seriously ill, By giving them medicine as a healer, By refraining from harming creatures with stones or sticks, You […]

so you think you’re a great meditator

In general, it is said that from among the attachments to food, clothing and reputation, the attachment to reputation is very difficult to abandon. It is possible that a meditator gives up good food and clothing and stays for years in meditation. Even though this person does not have attachment for food and clothing, at the bottom of his […]

Vegan cooking tip: egg alternatives

Finding substitutes for eggs is a little tricky but here are some tips to get you started. + Egg Alternatives from Livevegan.org Eggs are used primarily for two reasons in cooking and baking: As a binder to help hold other ingredients together.  Used in foods meant to be dense and chewy like in a “meat” loaf or […]

Go Vegan! resources to support a meat-free diet

All tremble before violence, All fear death Having done the same yourself You should neither harm nor kill ~ Dhammapada updated March 26, 2017 Adopting a vegetarian – vegan diet is not difficult. There are many tasty, convenient alternatives that are easily found at your local grocery stores. By reducing or abandoning a meat-based diet, […]