The Practitioner of Meditation

Longchen Rabjam, a 14th century yogi of the Nyingma tradition, wrote a straightforward description of what a meditator should do to achieve Enlightenment. His practical advice is as fresh and relevant to students in the 21st century as it was for our predecessors in the 14th. Longchen’s inspiring short text contains a glance meditation on […]

Imagine Clarity web app by Ven Matthieu Ricard

Imagine Clarity is a beautiful collection of meditations by Ven. Ricard, Alan Wallace, and other top teachers. It includes a course on how to meditate by Ven. Ricard. New meditations are still being added to the web app. Some of the meditations are free and others are available on a subscription basis. Proceeds support Karuna Shechen, a […]

NYTimes: A Positive Outlook Life

Here’s a series of two articles from the New York Times about the physical and emotional benefits associated with cultivating a positive outlook on life. The author, Jane Brody, includes advice on how to transform negative thoughts through compassion meditation and other activities. A Positive Outlook May Be Good for Your Health – Actively cultivating positive emotions […]

Geshe Rabten All dharma collects into one intention

All methods of the different traditions of the dharma that were taught by the Buddha Shakyamuni have the same intention and goal — the destruction of both the self-cherishing attitude and self-grasping ignorance. If we approach this goal steadily, our practice is progressing well, but if nothing is bringing these real targets closer to destruction, […]

Lama Yeshe: a skillful approach to distractions when meditating

Here’s an interesting passage from Lama Yeshe’s book, “Life, Death, and After Death” in which he explains how to use distractions that arise during meditation as a way to develop a sense of closeness with others. Lama Yeshe leads students in a meditation using the mantra OM AH HUM and then says: If uncontrollable distracted […]