Stars at Dawn by Wendy Garling

I was fortunate to meet Wendy Garling at Sera Mey monastery last year. We stayed at Gyumed Khensur Rinpoche’s khangtsen along with several other friends and enjoyed attending His Holiness’s teachings together. Her new book, Stars at Dawn: stories of the women in the Buddha’s life, was recently published by Shambhala Publications. Description (Shambhala) In […]

Whether or not we eat animals is in our hands

While I was in hospital in Australia, I saw on TV that Australia was selling huge numbers of sheep and cows to Indonesia. They showed sheep all lined up, so tiny, going to the slaughterhouse. There was the shot of a cow with a rope tied around its horns being pulled down from the platform […]

Study Madhyamika beginning April 2017

FPMT’s Instituto Lama Tzong Khapa is offering the 7-year Masters Program both online and at the Center in Pomaia, Italy. Currently, we are studying the Ornament of Clear Realization with Geshe Tenzin Tenphel. If you are interested in an in-depth study of emptiness through a careful reading of Chandrakirti’s the Supplement to the ‘Middle Way’ (Madhyamakavatara), […]


Wisdom Publications, a publisher/media company based in Boston, MA, is seeking top-quality individuals to fill positions of Office Coordinator, Content Coordinator, and freelance videographers. This is an opportunity to work in the dharma at a lively, swiftly-evolving company with over three decades of experience in publishing Tibetan, Theravada, Zen, and mindfulness books. Visit  to learn more, […]

Offering bowls

The overall purpose behind offering water bowls is to overcome miserliness. On another level, each bowl represents  a substance that delights the senses. In addition, each represents a particular spiritual practice as described below: water: cultivation of generosity foot-cleansing water: nature of morality celestial flowers: nature of patience incense: nature of diligence lamp / light: nature […]

Want to live a long life?

By rescuing beings who are about to be slaughtered, By benefiting others by giving life in such ways, By turning away from harming any living creature, You will attain a long life. By caring for the seriously ill, By giving them medicine as a healer, By refraining from harming creatures with stones or sticks, You […]