Whether or not we eat animals is in our hands

While I was in hospital in Australia, I saw on TV that Australia was selling huge numbers of sheep and cows to Indonesia. They showed sheep all lined up, so tiny, going to the slaughterhouse. There was the shot of a cow with a rope tied around its horns being pulled down from the platform […]

Vegan cooking tip: egg alternatives

Finding substitutes for eggs is a little tricky but here are some tips to get you started. + Egg Alternatives from Livevegan.org Eggs are used primarily for two reasons in cooking and baking: As a binder to help hold other ingredients together.  Used in foods meant to be dense and chewy like in a “meat” loaf or […]

Prayers for the Face on Your Plate: what to do when eating meat

If you eat meat, you must do something for the animal who has died. Otherwise, it is very sad, because that animal cherished its body more than any other being’s body. Just as you protect your body, that animal protected its body. Therefore, if you don’t at least pray for that animal, it is very […]

Patrul Rinpoche: got milk?

Got Milk? Ever wondered where that refreshing glass of milk comes from? In a moving passage about the animals who suffer in order that we may get our fill of butter, milk and related dairy products, Venerable Patrul Rinpoche wrote, The majority of baby yaks, calves and lambs are killed. Those who are not, as […]