Kadampa Precepts: Omniscience

Omniscience is founded on merit and wisdom. Merit and wisdom are founded on bodhi-mind. Bodhi-mind is founded on love and compassion. The precepts of all these are founded on six transcendences. Kadam Thorbu, a collection of precepts by Tsunba Jegom ~ Geshe Wangyal. “The Door Of Liberation: essential teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition”

Buddha’s Crown Protrusion

Each of the Buddha’s thirty two excellent signs  derives from karmic causes and conditions. For example, his crown protrusion: (23) The top of his head has a crown-protrusion (gtsug-tor, Skt.ushnisha), made of radiant flesh, round and circling clockwise. When seen from a distance, it seems to be four finger-widths high, but upon closer scrutiny, its […]

What’s the difference between compassion and attachment

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and it’s important to develop a correct understanding. His Holiness writes, I think that there is often a danger of confusing compassion with attachment. So when we discuss compassion, we must first make a distinction between two types of love or compassion. One kind of compassion […]

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Fall 2104 U.S. Schedule

(source:http://dalailama.com, schedule is subject to change) Dialogue in Birmingham, Alabama, USA on October 25: His Holiness will participate in a dialogue on Neuroplasticity and Healing organized by the University of Alabama at Birmingham.  

 Interfaith Event in Birmingham, Alabama, USA on October 26: His Holiness will participate in an interfaith dialogue entitled Beyond Belief in the […]