Protect the Planet: recycle plastic bags

In the spirit of protecting the planet and all of our fellow earthlings, I thought I’d share this link to the PlasticFilmRecycling website. In addition to plastic grocery bags, a wide variety of plastic packaging can be recycled but some has to be taken  to a designated drop-off location (e.g., many grocery stores).  Examples of […]

Kadampa Precepts: Omniscience

Omniscience is founded on merit and wisdom. Merit and wisdom are founded on bodhi-mind. Bodhi-mind is founded on love and compassion. The precepts of all these are founded on six transcendences. Kadam Thorbu, a collection of precepts by Tsunba Jegom ~ Geshe Wangyal. “The Door Of Liberation: essential teachings of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition”

Buddha’s Crown Protrusion

Each of the Buddha’s thirty two excellent signs  derives from karmic causes and conditions. For example, his crown protrusion: (23) The top of his head has a crown-protrusion (gtsug-tor, Skt.ushnisha), made of radiant flesh, round and circling clockwise. When seen from a distance, it seems to be four finger-widths high, but upon closer scrutiny, its […]