Learn Tibetan: transliteration tools for phonetics

Just in case you haven’t seen this already — these tools are amazing: Convert between Tibetan font and Wylie: http://www.thlib.org/reference/transliteration/wyconverter.php Convert between Tibetan, Wylie and TH simplified phonemics (a life saver if you find Wylie a bit of a mystery) http://www.thlib.org/reference/transliteration/phconverter.php And of course, the Tibetan to English dictionary in the same collection of tools    

Learn Tibetan: 10 black deeds

ནག་པོའི་ལས་ལམ་དངོས་ལ་བཅུ། ten non-virtuous deeds ༡ སྲོག་གཅོད་པ། (sok chö pa) killing ༢ མ་བྱིན་པར་ལེན་པ། (ma jin par len pa) stealing ༣ འདོད་པས་ལོག་པར་གཡེམ་པ། (dö pé lok par yem pa) sexual misconduct ༤ རྫུན་དུ་སྨྲ་བ། (dzün du ma wa) lying ༥ ཕྲ་མ། (pa ma) divisive speech ༦ ཚིག་རྩུ་བ། (tsik tsu ba) harsh speech ༧ ངག་ཀྱལ། (ngak kyel) idle talk ༨ བརྣབ་སེམས། […]

so you think you’re a great meditator

In general, it is said that from among the attachments to food, clothing and reputation, the attachment to reputation is very difficult to abandon. It is possible that a meditator gives up good food and clothing and stays for years in meditation. Even though this person does not have attachment for food and clothing, at the bottom of his […]

Lam Rim Chenmo Teachings by Ven. Choden Rinpoche

Here are the links to beautiful, extensive teachings on the lam rim by Ven. Choden Rinpoche. Land of Medicine Buddha videos from 2007: Lam rim chenmo Land of Medicine Buddha videos from 2004: https://vimeo.com/album/4168999 Land of Medicine Buddha videos from 2005: https://vimeo.com/album/4185187 Land of Medicine Buddha audio recordings from 2001, 2002: http://lamrim.com/lamrim/ For Ven. Choden Rinpoche’s short biography, visit http://lamrim.com/lamrim/ […]

Vegan cooking tip: egg alternatives

Finding substitutes for eggs is a little tricky but here are some tips to get you started. + Egg Alternatives from Livevegan.org Eggs are used primarily for two reasons in cooking and baking: As a binder to help hold other ingredients together.  Used in foods meant to be dense and chewy like in a “meat” loaf or […]

Go Vegan! resources to support a meat-free diet

All tremble before violence, All fear death Having done the same yourself You should neither harm nor kill ~ Dhammapada updated October 23, 2016 Adopting a vegetarian – vegan diet is not difficult. There are many tasty, convenient alternatives that are easily found at your local grocery stores. By reducing or abandoning a meat-based diet, […]