Discovering Buddhism: Death and Rebirth Class 3

The Buddha identified four main misperceptions that obscure our minds: Seeing impermanent things as permanent Confusing suffering with pleasure Seeing the impure as pure Thinking of that which is selfless as having independent, absolute reality Practitioners of the small scope meditate primarily on the first of these misperceptions. By accustoming their minds to gross and […]

Summer 2018 Deer Park hosts the Ganden Tripa and Dagri Rinpoche

Pack your bags and head over to Deer Park Buddhist Center in Oregon, WI. The incredible 2018 summer program includes teachings and empowerments by both the Ganden Tri Rinpoche Losang Tenzin from June 18 to July 13, 2018, as well as the revered teacher Dagri Rinpoche from August 9 to August 19th. As part of […]

104th Ganden Tripa at Kurukulla Center June 2018

I came across this on the Kurukulla Center website — what an incredible opportunity! I studied briefly with Rinpoche way back in the early nineties at Deer Park Buddhist Center in Wisconsin, and I feel truly blessed. Kyabje Jetsun Lobsang Tenzin Palsangpo Monday, June 4 to Tuesday, June 12 Nagarjuna’s Precious Garland Cittamani Tara, Highest […]

Lama Zopa Rinpoche USA teachings August 2018

(source: – please check this website for updates) Students of Lama Zopa Rinpoche will have an opportunity to study with him both on the West coast and the East coast in August. August 11 Transmission of the Prajnaparamita, Maitripa College, OR, USA August 12 Medicine Buddha jenang August 17 Teaching on the Seven Point Mind Training, Kurukulla Center, MA, USA August 18 Teaching continues, […]

Saka Dawa 2018

Saka Dawa is the holiest day of the year according to the Tibetan calendar. It celebrates the Buddha’s birth, passing, and para-nirvana. This year it takes place on May 29. Suggested practices include: Lama Zopa Rinpoche recommends offering a complete recitation of the Sutra of Golden Light (resources available here). Taking the Eight Mahayana precepts […]

Discovering Buddhism: Death and Rebirth Class 2

In this session, we focused our attention on two topics: impermanence and the 12 links of dependent origination. A good understanding of both topics provides the foundation necessary for meditating on death and rebirth.  The Buddha taught, “It is unsure whether tomorrow or the next life will come first. Therefore, [since tomorrow is very indefinite], […]